Led Up Girlz!

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4 months ago I mentioned the work I was doing with Peter and Benny, Led Up Girlz! The aim was to create a product girls would want to program (and boys too), and which should be doable to actually program with limited resources, and only a basic programming skill. A product usable in a workshop of a couple of hours.

So, what is the status? I am proud to say we have received the first prototype batch and soldered the first two with the final components. A programmer was constructed with an Arduino, and today the chip was programmed to show the first effects.

The result? Well, we all like it here! Hope you do to:
In the dark, it seems bright enough to use on a bike in the dark! In action as an earring (but it could be a bracelet or a pendant too of course):
Movie on G+

Still much to do: test other LEDs, create a real programmer with pogo’s, 3D cover, do a trial workshop with the girls, test the different LEDs we selected, finalize the BOM so we know the price point to aim for, buy a small oven, … . But I least, we are confident now this will all work out in the coming months.

Interested? Give a shout to me to receive an invite when we do a first trial. As proof we still need a lot of work, here a pic of our current programmer:

Also, do you have suggestions? Comment on the G+ post.

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