Wie ben ik?

Maria-Cristina Ciocci is a very enthusiastic mathematician with four young children and with a fiery passion for technology. She is working as a postdoctoral assistant and researcher at the Ghent University (B) within the bachelor and master of industrial engineering. In her spare time she founded Ingegno (www.ingegno.be) to enthrall children with science and technology already from young age. Everything under the motto: “You can do more than you think. Together experimenting, thinking, fantasizing is FUN! … Dare to discover the creative thinker and problem solver in yourself…”

In her academic career, she came in contact with various branches of pure and applied mathematics, and she crowned her research successfully with different publications. In recent years she has become more and more interested in educational technology and robotics and the use of toys in the teaching of science subjects.

She was born in 1973 in Civitavecchia (I) and took her Master in Mathematics in 1997 at the Universita’ degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza (I), after she graduated as PhD in Mathematichs in 2003 at the Ghent University (B). She is been a researcher and lecturer at the University of Surrey (UK), Imperial College London (UK), Katholieke Hogeschool Sint Lieven (B), University College West Flanders (B) and at present at Ghent University .

Wil je meer weten? Contacteer me voor een afspraak, mcristina.ciocci@gmail.com